Monday, October 20, 2014

Tinkerbell Cake Topper Fofucha Doll and Pattern

Tinkerbell Cake Topper that I made for a Costum Order
Pattern Bellow

Please Go to my Youtube (scrapwluv) to see the tutorial on this beautiful Doll


  1. Absolutely adorable iam in love with these dolls I wish I could collect all and u do great job :) I had idea I really wanna share I wanted to email u but cant see ur email anywhere so posting it here..can u make Mary with her little lamp version or like humpty dumpty I think they will be absolutely cute too and I have been watching ur tutorial videos too thanks for sharing ur work :) have a good day.oh and im thinking to make one of these dolls too but I really wish I can have one of ur handmade :)

  2. Hi sweetie thank you for your words my email is, and tbanks for the ideas they never crossed my mind and def. Putting on my to do list, again thanks and hugs Rosa